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Who We Are

Imagine running payroll with confidence, HR that empowers your employees and benefits for a better future. Knit seamlessly ties these tedious and complicated tasks together and simplifies it into one integrated platform.

Founded in 2015, Knit started as an HR platform to ease the tasks of tedious paperwork for business owners.

What We Value

At Knit, we believe that people are more than just numbers and tools. People are the ones who drive growth in the business. They are are the masterminds behind all the operations and mechanics. That’s what businesses should be spending their time and resources on - engaging employees, nurturing relationships and growing the business.

That’s why we created Knit. We take care of the tiny details so you can focus on creating something great.

Our Founders

Knit Founder

Elliot Ngai

CEO & Co-founder

Knit Founder

Wister Ng



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Robert Jones

Founder of Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc., CEO of JDB Insurance Group

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