All Your Essentials In One Place: Payroll, HR and Benefits

Stop overcomplicating your business. Knit brings unity to your business with one, integrated platform.

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Flexible, automated payroll the way you want it

We know that every business has its own quirks and charms. Take control and easily customize pay schedules, incomes and deductions to fit your needs. Run payroll as many times as you need with unlimited pay runs and off-cycle payments. With just a few easy clicks, Knit will automatically calculate deductions, remit your payroll taxes and accurately pay your employees.

Modern HR that beats spreadsheet

Knit takes the paperweight off your shoulder by effortlessly streamlining the hiring process. Easily onboard and minimize manual data entry by letting your employees digitally input their information into their personal accounts. With secure online data storage, you can easily access any information you need - without the puzzle of spreadsheets or paperwork. Your employee will be ready even before their first day.

Health benefits that keeps everyone happy

Keep your organization running smoothly with happy and healthy employees. Knit gives you access to top-notch plans for every budget provided by Canada’s leading carriers. Transform the employee experience with easy digital enrollment and a single platform to view all HR, payroll and benefits data.

What Customers Are Saying About Knit

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“As a Founder, I juggle so many things. What’s been phenomenal about Knit is that I don’t need to ask questions because they understand my situation. Knit just knows what I need and they get it done.”

Dawson Whitfield, LogoJoy

Tehsin 13b89a7f8d1044af7f9e4445450be2a73db40fa73d90400f3ca88d1641b956bd

“A year ago, I was waking up at 3’o clock in the morning. I was taking Zantacs or Tums because I worried about cash flow mistakes. We were so disorganized that it made me anxious, and I didn’t want to run a business or live like this.”

Tehsin Bhayani - Serind Labs

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