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Free yourself from paperwork and processes with our people-focused platform

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Celebrate new employees with easy onboarding

Onboarding new employees can be a dread with all the required paperwork and processes. Save the hassle of manual data entry and let your employees input their own information online. Knit makes hiring simple with easy employee self-onboarding and digital contracts. Now you can celebrate your growing team, stress-free and paper-free.

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Organize all data in one single, secure place

Stop the paper madness and digitally store all your important data and documents safely onto Knit’s platform. Knit seamlessly syncs and stores all employee records in one, integrated system, so you can easily access any information you need at any time.

Security Comes First

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Bank Level Security

End-to-end encryption at a standard of 256-bit SSL, the same technology that banks use, so nobody can eavesdrop!

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Secure Data Centers

With Amazon as our host server, you can rely on having secure access at any time, day or night.

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State of the Art Back Up

We have multiple servers working simultaneously, so if one fails we can always pull data from another.

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Why Customers Chose Knit for HR

“As a Founder, I juggle so many things. What’s been phenomenal about Knit is that I don’t need to ask questions because they understand my situation. Knit just knows what I need and they get it done.”

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